This is a collection of short stories, not all of them short. 
I've been writing them for years and until Lulu came along, it never occurred to me to publish them. Well, I have put some stories up on Nifty.org.

These are the ones from my collections that have distinctly Czech overtones. The next batch, already written, have a more international flavour and are likely to appear under the title Get Out, but not sure about that yet.

How do you like this picture? I took in the market one very hot summers day. When it came back from the developers, yes this is pre digital cameras, it inspired the Market story, the fourth in the collection. This totally anonymous guy must be about 40 now. I wonder who he is. I wonder what he's doing now. I'm pretty sure he's not doing anything like what is attributed to him in To Market.


    Apparently Weebly wants me to write something about myself. Well, it is all under the link about.


    July 2013